Why winterize?

As the seasons change and weather gets colder, it’s important to put all your “toys” away properly. 

When it comes to jet skis, winterizing is important so that you can get back on the water quicker when spring finally rolls back around.  Believe it or not, water is your jet ski’s worst enemy when it is not in use.  Any water retained in the vessel can freeze through the cold season, expand, and do significant damage.  Trusting a professional ensures your watercraft will be ready for more fun without needing extra maintenance to get back in the water.

If cold weather riding isn’t your gig when it comes to motorcycles, they need to be stored properly as well.  Fuel stabilizer and a battery tender are the main tools in the battle against winter weather.  Fuel stabilizer keeps the fuel from breaking down and leaving ethanol deposits all over your fuel delivery system (most fuels have ethanol in them now).  It is absolutely imperative that you don’t allow this to happen, or you could be looking at a carburetor rebuild come spring time.  Don’t say we didn’t tell you so. Finally, as with any motor vehicle, you need to keep the battery cells from breaking down and solidifying.  A battery tender hooked up to your motorcycle while it’s parked for the season will consistently pump low amperage through the battery cells so that this won’t happen. That way, on the first day of warmer weather, you can trot right out to your garage and fire it right up!

If you don’t use your ATV in colder weather, although that could be fun…, they need to be winterized as well.  Not to mention dirt bikes, lawnmowers… well, any toys in your garage that have motors.  Just remember to tuck them in for hibernation too!

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