It may be cold, but I STILL WANNA RIDE.

There are several ways and many different kinds of cold weather riding gear to keep you toasty year round.  If the temperature drops, but you still want to get out there on your motorcycle, give some of it a shot.  If you’d rather sit in your car behind the heater, check out our ‘Why Winterize’ post for information on how to properly put your toy away for the season. 

For those of you who won’t give in to old man winter, here’s a spotlight on some of the newest technologies and types of gear you can find to make riding in cold more comfortable.


The latest in cold weather jackets: Tourmaster Transition Series 2 features removable liner, jacket/pant attachment, all waterproof/windproof.


The Tourmaster Venure pant features an no-slip seat panel, extra panels at the knees and waist for increased flexibility, and a removable liner.


Lots of options, pictured are the Tourmaster Winter Elite (built-in shield wipe – COOL), Tourmaster Polar Tex, and Joe Rocket Ballistic and Rush gloves. Fit, comfort and dexterity are key here, so be picky.


Obviously, a full face helmet will provide the most warmth along with greatest protection.  A mask can help keep your head and face warmer underneath any helmet, picture is a Balaclava Polar Mask.
If you are wearing a full face helmet, consider a fog free visor. Not only can it ensure full visibility in cold weather, but also prevents condensation on the inside of the shield.


In colder weather, your boots should have a lining to block wind and water and help keep your toes warm.  Pictured are River Road’s Boulevard waterproof boots.

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