Top 10 aftermarket accessories for your motorcycle!

Whatever kind of motorcycle you ride, personalizing it can be one of the most enjoyable ways to play with it.  Here are some of the more popular things you can add to your ride to not only increase riding comfort, but to help make your bike YOUR OWN.

Scorpio motorcycle alarm systems offers two great basic alarm kits that will fit virtually any motorcycle.   Adding a theft prevention system to your ride can ease your mind about the safety of your bike when you’re not on it.


Changing or upgrading your pegs can increase comfort for any length of ride.  The pegs on your bike should be adjusted to fit your length and the style you ride.  Adding larger pegs or even floorboard can increase the comfort for any cruiser or touring bike, and can help you get the most out of your ride!


 Comfortable Seats

Having a comfortable seat is an integral part of making your ride as enjoyable as possible.  Your rear end should always be comfy not only because it feels nice, but because it can help reduce fatigue on long cruises. In deciding on a seat upgrade, remember to take into account not only comfort, but seat height (want to be stopped at a light on your tippy-toes or flat-footed?).


Back Rests

Putting a backrest on your cruiser can increase comfort and improve posture, minimizing road fatigue. Why not? Sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride!


Saddle Bags

When touring, it’s important to be prepared. How can you do that without any storage on your bike? You can easily find all kinds of saddlebags to meet your needs without cramping your bike’s style.  So pack up!



Windshields are one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for cruisers.  Visibility and protection from road debris are very important in maximizing safety, and you should find the right windshield for you and your bike.  You should consider fit to the bike, height and shade of the shield, and what kind of protection best suits your riding style to minimize wind exhaustion.


Audio Devices

Who doesn’t like jamming while they’re cruising? Whether you want to listen to the radio, CDs, iPod, satellite radio, or from your phone, you can find an affordable solution to fit your motorcycle and satisfy your need to rock.


Chrome bolt-ons

Want to really turn heads when you cruise around? Have lots of bling on your bike. Simple solution? Chrome. You can add as little or as much chrome tickles your fancy, and all sorts of accessories are available in that beautiful bright plating.


Extra Touring Accessories

Just don’t quite have enough cool stuff on your bike? Shop around, ogle other people’s rides, and personalize away! If you can think it up, someone out there has made it. Now make your motorcycle really yours.



Theft-prevention systems

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