Should I buy used?

Want to buy a motorcycle, ATV, or dirtbike, but don’t want to spend the extra money for a brand new one?  There are some important things to consider when looking at purchasing used.  For example, low mileage on used bikes/ATVs isn’t always a great indicator of value.  Just how old is it?  If it’s older and has very low mileage, be sure to find out how long it has been sitting idle and if it was prepared for storage at all.  You may think you found a great deal on an older bike, only to bring it home and find rust, bad chains, and buildups in the fuel systems, which can cost a really pretty penny to repair.  You’ll also want to be sure that only Honda Genuine Parts were used in any previous maintenance on the bike, or you could be looking at malfunctions down the road.

If you aren’t a motorcycle or ATV expert , it may be best for you to check out a Honda dealer and let them help you get the most out of your money.  Heartland Honda always has a great selection of used bikes and ATVs that you can rest assured have been fully serviced and repaired before they go anywhere near our showroom floor. 

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