Let's talk about lights!

With many advantages over traditional halogen lighting, such as low power draw with high lumen output, crystal clear light, no replacing bulbs, easy mounting and durability, it’s no wonder that HID Lighting is has become very popular in the off-road category.  
Warn© makes a great line of ATV/MUV lights that easily mount on any handlebar, roll-bar, or rack.  They are known to be some of the most reliable, durable, and of course, SERIOUSLY BRIGHT, accessory lights on the market.  No matter the off-road adventure you plan to take (or attempt...), these lights will be sure to keep the trail well-lit!  Stop by and ask one of our P&A associates to show you what kind of lights will fit your off-road machine.
With safety always a topic in the motorcycle world, lights are important to consider.  Many riders prefer to upgrade their bike’s stock lighting system with LED bulbs.  LED lights are known to use less energy, produce more light, and last much longer than traditional bulbs.  These are all obvious benefits to any rider concerned with night riding safety, and you can even add extra lights to the rear of your bike to help improve visibility to other drivers on the road while you’re out.  You can talk with any Parts & Accessories associate at Heartland Honda about what kind of lights will best suite your specific motorcycle and the different options you have.  Always stay safe! 

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