Honda Power Equipment... For my lawn?

Love Honda technology, reliability, and power? It's not just for fun you know, Honda's can do yardwork too! Here's a quick look at what Honda Power Equipment can offer you...

At Honda, we know exactly what goes into building an exceptional mowing machine. From our legendary 4-stroke engines to our exclusive twin blade systems, our lawn mowers are designed to be the best on the planet.
  • Reliable four-stroke power that meets the toughest EPA and CARB emissions standards
  • Exclusive twin-blade system that result in better mulching, increased bag capacity and tiny grass clippings that add nutrients to lawn
  • Exclusive features and revolutionary technology
  • Outstanding reliability and quality
  • Superior mowing performance
  • A full three year residential warranty on HRX, HRR, and HRS mowers
When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, nothing makes the cut quite like a genuine Honda mower.

The FG110 mini-tiller is an extremely versatile tiller, great for a variety of gardening situations. Although many people think of a mini-tiller only for small garden beds, the FG110 can also handle larger areas with ease. It performs equally well in both soft and compacted soil.
Consider the FG110 particularly for:
  • Raised bed gardens
  • Tilling in tight spaces
  • Tilling close to existing plants
  • Easy transportation and storage
The FG110 has a variety of attachments available, so it also provides you with the convenience of a multi-functional tool.

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