Honda generators are HOW good?

They work hard, and they play hard!  Honda generators are the most reliable and efficient workhorses you’ll find.  Whether for play, like camping, for work, or for home power backup, Honda generators will help keep you safe, comfortable, and never without power. 
All Honda Generators feature our Honda GX commercial grade engines. These four-stroke engines have long been recognized as the industry leader in providing reliable, quiet and fuel-efficient power.  Honda’s legendary four-stroke engine design runs about 30% more fuel-efficiently than comparable side-valve engines. So it’s no wonder Honda makes more engines than anyone else on earth. From the smallest to the largest generator, Honda engines provide the type of power and performance that’ll get any job done.
You can use this chart to help start determining what kind of Honda generator best suits your application, and see the features available on each.

Take a look at our line of Honda generators, and let us help you determine the most efficient model for your power needs.  For more information on Honda generators, take a look at the Honda website here.

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