Go play in the snow!!

Bundle up, fire up your ATV or dirt bike, and go play! Winter weather doesn’t have to keep you indoors.  With the right gear, you can be comfortable and warm playing in the snow and cold on any ATV, MUV, or dirt bike.  You should consider what size and tread tires to run on your machine, and be sure the oil you’re running is optimum for the temperature. 

Some accessories to consider are hand and seat warming kits for your ATV, which keep your hands (and even trigger thumb!) warm and cozy while riding. 

 A breath box on added to your helmet can prevent fogging on your glasses, and there are also anti-fog visors for those who ride with full-face helmets. Of course, layering your clothes helps keep your body warm, so remember to wear several layers, preferably a moisture-wicking base layer, to help regulate your body temperature and keep you most comfortable.  Most of all, be safe and have fun!

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