BBB - 6 Weeks Away!!!

Riding the Ozarks!

We here at BBB are really pumped about the 2012 rally.  Last year’s event was just so much fun with the music (free, of course), the BBQ contest, the stunt riders, the highwire motorcycle thrill show, the Miss BBB pageant, the professional arenacross, the………well, just the whole thing, that we can’t wait to do it again.  And we’re working on some changes to make it even better.

We’ve decided to consolidate our ladies’ rally (Bikes Babes and Bling) with Bikes Blues and BBQ and feature the best parts of “Bling” at “Blues”.  So when you come to BBB in Sept., we’ll be having the ladies’ fashion show, the ladies only karaoke contest, and a few of the other events that were so popular during “Bling”.  All of that will make for an even more enjoyable experience here in the Ozarks.

And speaking of the Ozarks, the very best part of the entire week is the chance to ride the Ozarks.  This year, we’re going to present new ride maps of some of our favorite rides, complete with a few attractions, restaurants, gas stations, and possibly even a bar or two along the way.  If you haven’t ridden the Ozarks yet, you’re in for a treat.  Wonderful scenery, mountain highways, quaint towns, and friendly people.   You’ll love every mile.

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