Why Choose a Honda Mower?

Honda engines

Honda engines have long been recognized by the commercial landscaping and rental industries as the leader in providing reliable, quiet, fuel-efficient power. You'll find our mowers to be no exception.
  • Easy starting
    Honda engines are consistently recognized by professionals and consumers alike for easy starting day in and day out. We incorporated advanced technology to reduce the amount of force needed to start the engine.
  • Durable
    Ask any pro - he'll tell you Honda engines are built to last. With our high quality materials and advanced design, our engines are second to none.
  • A commitment to the environment
    Each and every Honda lawnmower meets or exceeds the emissions regulations for all 50 states. In fact, Honda is the first manufacturer to sell only CARB-certified lawnmowers, meeting the most stringent emissions regulations in the country.
  • Ample power
    No matter which Honda mower you choose, you can feel confident it's got more than enough power to do the job.

Twin blades

Honda mowers offer our exclusive twin blades. Twin blades cut the grass into smaller pieces, which results in a better looking lawn. And because smaller pieces result in better mulching and bagging performance, there's less work for you.

Honda exclusive technology

Honda offers more groundbreaking innovations than any other manufacturer in the industry, including:
  • Roto-Stop® Blade Stop System (VXA, HXA, HMA models)
    Stops the blades without stopping the engine when you let go of the handle. There's no need to restart the engine when emptying the bag or moving debris out of the way. This also allows transport of the mower without the blades engaged.
  • Versamow System™ (HRX models)
    Mulch, bag, discharge, or shred leaves with no tools or attachments needed. Versamow even lets you partially mulch, giving better performance and more versatility.
  • Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission (HXA, HMA models)
    Our top of the line hydrostatic transmission offers effortless variable speed control.
  • Smart Drive® variable speed control (VKA, VXA models)
    Easy, intuitive control of the mower's speed.
  • Auto Choke System (VKA models)
    Just pull the cord to start. No need to adjust the throttle or choke.
  • Full Throttle Control (HXA, HMA models)
    Full choke and throttle adjustment from the operator's position

Details that make a difference

  • Better bagging
    Honda lawnmowers are designed for superior bagging. Our twin blades create smaller clippings, so bags hold 30% more clippings than a single blade mower. Decks are designed so grass has only a short distance to travel to the bag. Wide deck and bag openings also improve the bagging performance, making it easier than ever to bag your clippings.
  • Easy on-off grass bags
    Honda grass bags are balanced for ease in removal, even when full. The grass bag is simple to remove and install. There are no levers to latch or buttons to push. The bag easily passes through the handlebars for convenient access. And with wide mouths, our bags are also easy to empty.
  • Ball-bearing supported wheels
    Each of our mowers offer ball-bearing supported wheels. These high quality wheels offer better maneuverability and a smoother ride. You'll see better durability as well. HRX and HRC series mowers offer ball-bearings in all four wheels, while HRR and HRS mowers have ball-bearings in the critical rear wheels.
  • Ergo-Active handles
    The handlebars on Honda lawnmowers are designed with operator comfort and control in mind. All controls are easily accessible, and the handlebar can be held from multiple positions as preferred.

High quality, reliable products

There's a reason Honda has such a superb reputation for quality and durability. We use high quality materials and superior engineering to build you a mower you can count on.
And unlike other manufacturers, we don't just bolt on someone else's engine. Every component we use is designed specifically by us, for us. It's all Honda, and you can have confidence it will last.

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