Supercross is heating up!

WOW, what a race last weekend in Jacksonville!  Coming into race 11 of 17 for the season, we already had a points favorite in Ryan Villopoto, with James Stewart and Chad Reed trailing him by over 20 points.  He’s also already taken the podium in 8 out of the 11 races now ran, and been in the #1 spot 5 times.  James Stewart hasn’t let him get too far ahead, taking the podium 7 times so far, and grabbing the title spot 3 times. 

Points Standings after 10 rounds (pre-Jacksonville)
Ryan Villopoto  -  221
James Stewart -  195
Chad Reed      -  192
Ryan Dungey   -  183
Trey Canard     -  169

BUT…. If you were watching last Saturday night, you saw how the mayhem played out.  Neither Villopoto nor Stewart made the podium.  In fact, neither one of them completed an entire lap in the final. 

James Stewart won his qualifying heat, no surprise there.  Ryan Villopoto, however, crashed in the first lap of his heat. He had to go the LCQ and, incredibly enough, crashed out of the LCQ race TWICE.  Starting in last place twice after remounting, he can only make it back up to 8th place before the end of the six-lap race, and does not make the main.

With Villopoto out of the main event, we could be looking at quite a race for the podium spots.  They all line up; take off, and on the first straight of whoops there is all of a sudden a huge pileup.  James Stewart finds himself at the bottom and has to limp off the track, to be taken away by stretcher on the medical cart.

The race turns out to be quite a battle between Trey Canard and Chad Reed (both Honda riders!), with Ryan Dungey staying just behind in third place.  Canard will just hold off Reed through the final turn to take the win.

This has completely shaken up the points standings, and we can’t wait to see what happens this week in Toronto!  Releases have been published stating that James Stewart suffered no serious injuries, and will be resting up and healing in anticipation of racing in Toronto.  We hope he comes back strong in the sport of good racing, but we still have to say… GO HONDA!

Points Standings after Round 11
Ryan Villopoto  -  221
Chad Reed       -  214
Ryan Dungey    -  203
James Stewart  -  198
Trey Canard      -  194

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